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We have several radical projects looking for volunteer developers and data scientists!

About us

Faced with the threat of mass extinction, a warming globe and rising inequality, we cannot afford to merely fight symptoms, but have to instead radically rethink the economic and social systems that produce them.

We connect radical organisations working on bringing about post-capitalist economies, communities of care, or waste eradication with our growing community of software developers and designers. Our aim is to provide those who best understand the problems with the technological resources they need to successfully implement the solutions.

Along-side our immediate support, we origanise meetups, co-working events and speed-dating sessions for engineers and projects to meet.

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Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

We only succeed when the systems and tools we create are inclusive to anyone, regardless of time, physical fitness, wealth or digital literacy and built by a diverse group of people.

Effective Radicalism

Effective Altruism asks how we solve the world’s problems & pairs this with a theory of change: start by doing the most effective good you can. Effective Radicalism suggests that the best we can do, might be to consider changing systemic conditions.


Our problems are too great and our systems too complex to go at it alone. The Radical Engineers believe that lasting change happens when humans set their egos aside and collaborate.

Don’t disrupt, transition

Too often disruption takes the form of vulnerable people having their lives uprooted. Instead, we value strategies that help us transition to new economic systems.


We support a wide range of projects and initiatives. Open projects include:

  • SuperLooper

    SuperLooper is a subscription service which operates as a lending library for maternity and baby garments.

  • Ethical.net

    Ethical.net is a not-for-profit project building a free and open platform for discovering ethical alternatives to stuff.

  • Transpire

    Transpire is building a community around Transhumanism and Planet Preservation.

  • VideoWiki

    VideoWiki aims to make Wikipedia more accessible to people with low literacy.

Want to know more, or join one of these projects as a developer or designer?

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Anouk Ruhaak

Anouk has a background in political economics and software development. Over the past decade, they developed their research skills as an economic analyst and investigative journalist, worked as a software developer and founded several communities in the technological space.

Tom Berman

Tom is a software developer / hacker, interested in projects with clear social, political and environmental impacts. Also worked on an art comission looking into the future of work - Work We Want, shown at the Southbank.

Margreet Dijkstra

Margreet is a behavioural economist and web developer with an interest in projects with social and environmental impacts.

James Curtis

James is a business planner specialising in income and budget planning for charities and organisations with radical ideas for improving the world. You can also find them running around behind the scenes at events like the Escape Room Industry Conference, Now Play This and Hack the Police.

Zarinah Agnew

Zarinah is a neuro-scientist who in addition works on building intentional communities and prefigurative politics. Citizen and nomad of the Embassy Network, where their projects include Alternative Justices, Second Life, The Social Observatory, Haight St Commons and many others.