Two Generations

Who they are

Two Generations is a homeshare model that helps link the older generation with the younger generation. It offers companionship, a chance to share experiences and common interests and a potential solution to the housing crisis.

The homeshare model combats social isolation, and reduces older people’s dependence on the NHS by reducing their GP visits and their likelihood of entering care homes. In the Homeshare arrangement, younger people provide not only vital companionship but household support e.g. gardening, laundry, IT support. In addition, younger people obtain affordable accommodation.

What they need

Two Generations is looking to update the front end of their Content Management System to present the results of their Matching technology (between Householder and Homesharer) in a much more user friendly way. Currently this is a CSV download. perhaps having the Householder details on top with various profiles below. Being able to select a user by name rather than just ID number would also be hugely helpful.

Another feature they are working on is their database, which currently is effectively write only. Data is captured from online forms. They would like to be able to edit this data to correct errors within the original forms, and add additional columns within existing tables within the database, with some sort of admin logon.

This project would be interesting for

This project would be interesting for a mid-level front-end developer with an eye for design and UX. They are using GatsbyJS as a framework. The frontend is TypeScript and React, with Jest for tests.

The second position would be interesting for someone who has experience with SQL databases.


If you’re not sure you qualify, or have other questions, feel free to send us an email: Tom is happy to tell you more!