Open Credit Network

Who they are

Open Credit Network aims to build a globally federated, bottom-up, mutual credit based economy. A Global Credit Commons Foundation will have a relationship to this economy analogous to that of the Linux Foundation to the open-source ecosystem - not the owner, not the controller, not the monopolist, but the trusted provider of the core tooling that makes everything work. In this case, social and legal tooling, alongside tech.

What they need

Open Credit Network needs a messaging system for private and public messages, which is currently done via email. They are interested in using Matrix messaging. The platform is transactional and they would like to have messaging within that platform.

Their current technical system is built with Go and Bootstrap, there are volunteer SDEs, and the work is on API and documentation. They are close to open sourcing their work.  

This project would be interesting for

This project would be good for a mid-level developer who has experience with Go, Bootstrap and APIs.


If you’re not sure you qualify, or have other questions, feel free to send us an email: Tom is happy to tell you more!