Who they are is a not-for-profit project building a collaborative, online directory of ethical companies. The platform they've designed is currently under construction; while the site is being built, they've put together an ethical tech resources page, and they're also writing up the guides on reducing your environmental and social impact that'll be included in the directory alongside company profiles ("How to Divest Your Personal Finances From Fossil Fuels" will be included within the energy and banking categories, for example).

What they need

There are two vacancies: one that's about developing the platform, and one focused on designing a company ranking system.

Wordpress / architect role would like to become more confident in the technical decisions they've made with the platform (which is being built in Wordpress) so far - they particularly need assistance coding some of the more interactive functions of the design, and using Gatsby.

Data Science role

The project is also looking for someone who'd be interested in using their data science and visualisation skills to create a transparent system for ranking ethical companies within the directory.

For both roles, the most important thing they're looking for is someone who shares their values! You'll join a relaxed, 4-person team (including an in-house developer, who splits his time between and the team's other projects).

This project would be interesting for

Experienced developers looking to move into system architecture design. This would be a good role for someone interested in performance tuning and getting experience with scaling problems.

Junior data scientists looking to build out their portfolio. This would be good for someone who is interested in data science / optimisation and would like to work on A/B testing.


If you’re not sure you qualify, or have other questions, feel free to send us an email: Tom is happy to tell you more!