Covid-19 &
Radical Engineers

Join our tech support programme!

To accomodate the needs of the various mutual aid networks and other COVID-19 related initiatives that are springing up, we are fast-tracking any COVID-19 related projects. Please find out how to apply below.

In addition we will host a community call next week to better understand the various needs and allow all of you to share resources and best practices.

Finally, to make sure that we don't end up hurting those we help, please have a look at the privacy and hygience protocols established by the Queer Network.

If you have any questions, find us here:

How to apply

Apply for engineering and design support by filling out this short form!

Mutual Aid Networks - Community Call

To support the various mutual aid initiatives emerging around the globe we'll be hosting a community call next week. During the call we will share needs, best practices and other resources. If that's helpful for you, please sign up using this form. We'll try and find a time that works for everyone!

Privacy & Hygiene protocols

Don't make personal data public, don't rely on large groups to share information about critical needs and other sensitive information. While privacy may not be your first concern when someone's life is at stake (and we're certainly not advocating a purist stance), their freedom and safety could depend on you implementing this very basic privacy protocol by the Queer Network.

The Queer Network also has a number of protocols for safely delivering goods to possibly infected people. Health / Hygiene protocols.


If you’re not sure you qualify, or have other questions, feel free to send us an email: Margreet & James are happy to tell you more!